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Trucks, Tractors & Heavy Machinery

If you’re using or running heavy machinery, you need great quality, reliable equipment to ensure the smooth and efficient day to day operation of your vehicles.

Whether you’re operating farm and agricultural machinery, factory or industrial heavy machinery, work in the construction industry, or are involved with logistics and trucking, having great quality batteries is vital to getting a full and productive workday completed.

The BKN Battery Specialties team are proud to supply and deliver high quality batteries for heavy machinery applications, and have worked with numerous clients to provide batteries for:

  • Trucks
  • Tractors and backhoes
  • Forklifts
  • Other heavy machinery

If you’re running one truck, or an entire fleet of trucking and logistics vehicles, our range of specialty truck batteries will keep you and your drivers on the road for longer, and reduce the chances of any costly breakdowns.

When you contact BKN Battery Specialties Cairns, we’ll find out more about your battery requirements, help you choose a great product from our range of leading Australian and international brands and ensure you’re happy with the product warranty so you can use it without issue.

Our team are proudly partnered with leading Australian and global battery brands such as Exide, Amptech, Rev Plus, Trojan, Ritar and Escape Lithium. We only use and recommend brands that are highly reputable and trustworthy, and which also offer superior quality, durability and affordability. BKN Batteries Specialties have helped a range of domestic and commercial clients with quality automotive batteries, and we always give you a free, no-obligation quote on all battery enquiries .

We’re proud to stock some of the biggest names in the battery industry, meaning we’ll help you find the perfect heavy machinery battery at competitive prices. With over a decade in the industry, and proudly working with BKN Battery Specialties Cairns, our team have the knowledge and experience to get your heavy machinery operating well!

Our team are also proud to offer a 24/7 on call service…simply call us and we’ll deliver a battery directly to your site.

For more information, or to get an obligation-free quote, we welcome you to give us a call today!

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